Custom Content Recommendations

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A list of the top three custom content recommendations based on efficiency metrics and case studies.

FoodService Director is constantly innovating the ways we engage operators and deliver solutions to our sponsors. We pride ourselves on products we have developed that allow suppliers to precisely find the audience they are looking for. Based off efficiency metrics and case studies, we have compiled a list of the top custom content recommendations.

See our recommendations below to help you develop a marketing plan customized to your needs.

Branded Articles vs. Banner Ads

When comparing FSD’s eNewsletter ad options and their respective click-through rates, we saw that branded articles consistently performed the best compared to other ads.

For example, when looking at eNewsletters with leaderboard positions and branded articles, we found that:

(Metrics were averaged from February 2021-February 2022.)

Content related ads had the highest average CTR compared to other ads run across all of FSD’s eNewsletters. While banner ads are great for branding and driving traffic, content ads perform significantly better.

Recommendation: Use branded articles over banner ads to get the most ROI on your campaign. Living in the content stream of our editorial eNewsletters, native content placements help build thought leadership around important industry topics, tell your brand’s story and generate leads.

Custom eNewsletters

When looking at the click-through rate for FSD’s custom eNewsletters, we found that:

(Metrics were averaged from May 2022.)

As a benchmark, the industry average CTR for media is 2.9%, according to Campaign Monitor.

Recommendation: Reach your target audience with a customizable email that packages custom content along with your brand’s message, products and more. Our custom eNewsletters mirror FSD’s editorial content and style, effectively reaching our engaged operator audience.

Additional Recommendation!
Include all mobile ad sizes to ensure visibility on mobile devices. Also, custom eNewsletters can be used to drive traffic by including business-building content that resides on a brand site.


Microsites are landing pages that house your brand’s content and provide a place for you to engage our audience with product information, business-building content and more. FSD’s custom content and design teams have experience working with sponsors to make sure your content is seen and read as actively as possible.

When looking at a previous example called “Lodging Food & Beverage News & Trends”, which was designed to serve a new audience on our platform through highly targeted content and advertising, the client campaign resulted in:

(Metrics were compiled from the client's campaign in 2021.)

Recommendation:To maximize engagement with FSD’s audience and get the most ROI for your brand, highlight your premium content in an innovative way with our microsite offerings.